Swedbank Sustainability Hackathon

Hack for

the Future


Online | December 11-13, 2020

Deadline for registration is December 10, however, we encourage timely registration as you can already submit ideas or join a team.


What innovations can you create now that could help protect our world?

Lab-grown food, use of data centers, household energy efficiency, smart cities, and event remote working are all very different yet productive tools to live more sustainably. Climate change has become a critical conversation for all industries, and the directions where to search for solutions are endless. Join us and hack sustainability by creating innovative tech solutions that can make a difference today!


The hackathon's goal is to find innovative solutions in various fields to create more sustainable businesses, cities, households, and individual lives. Hack the Future aims to help teams with existing projects develop their solutions by providing extensive international mentor support and advice. Developers, designers, product experts, and those passionate about sustainability are also invited to participate in the hackathon by joining a team or creating their own. Participants are invited to offer a fresh perspective on the climate change crisis and develop new approaches through the lens of digitalization and technology to work towards a more sustainable and thoughtful future.

We are looking for inspiring and innovative ideas and solutions on these topics:  Smart Cities, Sustainable Business, Energy, Lifestyle, and Food. 



Is your team already working on a sustainability solution? A perfect match –join the hackathon to receive advice from some of the top European experts in sustainable business solutions!


Have a fresh idea or simply high motivation to hack? Also great – find your team and see how much you can achieve in just 3 days!  


We are looking for fresh and innovative ideas and solutions in the following topics. Take these as an inspirational direction, not a limitation. The overall goal of Hack for the Future remains to develop a solution for more sustainable businesses, cities, households, and individual lives.


Smart Cities 

For society to successfully live environmentally cautious, the environment surrounding us should comply. Even more, the cities we live in should create opportunities and make it effortless to live green. 


Sustainable Business

Today, when social, governance and environmental issues finally are properly discussed and are at the center of the conversation, it is the responsibility of all business leaders to rethink their practices and set an example.



Even now, when various alternative energy sources exist and become more utilized, energy production causes most air pollution. The improvements still lack significance, and there is a lot of work to do left.



As individuals, it all starts with us, be the change you want to see, as they say. Environmentally friendly habits for communities, households, and individuals is the goal, and it all starts with a global mind shift.



Food is the source of energy, and uniquely necessary for life to survive and thrive. As the global economy shifts, it becomes increasingly important to change the current food production and consumption habits towards a more sustainable future.



Some of the European sustainability scene's biggest names are here to give advice and practical tips for your project to bring it to the next level. Need help in product or design domains – we also got you covered! 

Want to join as a mentor?


2000 Eur

by Rimi


5000 Eur

by Swedbank


Additional prizes

Prize pool for idea implamentation

More coming soon!

December 10


Slack Onboarding


Team Formation & Matchmaking Event*

*Opportunity to find a team or pitch your idea to convince participants to join your team

December 11


Team, idea & participation registration closed


Opening Ceremony



Hacking Starts


Team Checkpoint #1

December 12


Team Checkpoint #2


Live Webinar & Live Q&A


Pitch Workshop


Team Checkpoint #3


Info Webinar & Live Q&A

December 13


Final Team Checkpoint


Project Submission Deadline


Final Demos


Closing Ceremony & Awards



Practical information

How does it work?

Let's start at the beginning - registration. If you wish to participate, you should register on the Eventornado platform. Once registered, you can either submit your idea and form a team or look for a team to join. This process is called ideation and team formation and is ongoing until the hackathon starts on December 11. The hacking starts on the evening of December 11 with a short opening ceremony explaining what's to come, introducing the prizes and evaluation criteria. Then you hack - work in teams and develop your ideas into solutions and prototypes. During the three days, there are three checkpoints with team mentors to ensure you are going the right way. Response mentors are available for consultations and support. On December 13, it is time for the final submission of your solutions, followed by demos and pitches in front of the jury. The jury chooses the winners, and they are announced right away. After the hackathon, there are no strings attached; you can freely continue the work on your ideas and solutions.

Who can apply?

Hackathon language is English; therefore, all participants should be English speakers. As Hack the Future takes place online, no other restrictions apply. Preference is given to existing teams with developed projects; however, developers, designers, product experts, and those passionate about sustainability are also invited to participate in the hackathon.

What skills are required?

All you need is the motivation to learn more and dig deeper into sustainability solutions and a willingness to contribute. Participants will be encouraged to consider digital tools and technology solutions that could help move their ideas forward more effectively and implement them more easily. During the hackathon process, every participant will have access to a mentor's guidance and advice on improving their approach, including choosing the best solutions suited for your idea.

Can we apply as a team with an existing project?

Existing teams with already developed products or solutions are very welcomed to join the hack. We have some of the biggest names in the European sustainability scene joining the hackathon as mentors to give advice and practical tips for your project to bring it to the next level.

What kind of ideas are we looking for?

We are looking for inspiring and innovative solutions in these topics: Smart Cities, Sustainable Business, Energy, Lifestyle, and Food. You can register with a fresh idea or a project you have been already developing for a while.

Do I need an idea to participate?

In short - no. You can register for the hackathon and browse other participant ideas looking for teammates and join the one that sparks your interest.

How does team formation work?

Team formation takes place on Eventornado, and each team should consist of 3 - 5 participants covering different roles. If you have an idea and are looking for teammates, you should submit it on Eventorndado. If you want to join a team, you should browse the submitted ideas on the Eventornado platform. Participants are responsible for finding a team (submitted idea) to join, and Team Leads (those who submit ideas) are responsible for forming their teams.

What tools are used during the hack?

Eventornado. All phases of the hackathon except for communication happen here:
Registration -> Idea Submission -> Team formation -> Final submissions.
Once you register, you will have access to the workspace with idea submission & team formation possibilities.
Slack. The main communication channel for the hackathon. You can connect with organizers and mentors here, as well as create your team workspace channel. Zoom. A platform where informative webinars, team checkpoints, final presentations, and other calls take place

What support will I receive during the hachathon?

First, in case of any practical or technical questions, you will have direct access to the hackathon organizing team at all times. We are here to answer every question and make sure your hackathon experience is as easy, exciting, and productive as possible! Second, the most significant help there is to support your work and improve the idea - mentors. Mentors are divided into 2 groups - there are Team Mentors (also called nannies) & Response Mentors (mentors with a specific skill set). Each team has a dedicated Team mentor, while Response mentors are not assigned to any particular team but are available for consultation on their area of expertise.

What are the team checkpoints?

Each team will have a designated team mentor that will check in on them through 1:1 Zoom calls at set times to make sure you move in the right direction or connect you with response mentors in case you need some more guidance in particular domains. At least one person from the team should participate. Nevertheless, it's recommended that all team members join.


Be part of the solution – join Hack for the Future!