Struggling to come up with an idea? Our partners have come up with challenges in all of the hackathon verticals. Either get inspired for your own idea or create a solution to solve one of the challenges!


Smart Cities


Urban garbage bins

Challenge here is to rethink the garbage bins in a way that would make them more convenient, fitting into the urban environment and easier to maintain.


Tools for carbon neutrality

Pollution levels within the central areas of Riga are rather high, thus there is a plan to decrease the harmful emissions within the upcoming years. The question is - what would be the best tools and techniques to achieve carbon neutrality?


Matīsa market

Sustainable development: technological and social innovations to revitalise former food market (Matīsa tirgus) to boost the local economy and livability of the city.


CO2 trackers

One of the core things towards sustainability is the ability to measure, manage, compare and track their carbon footprint.


Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) self-assessment and development tool

To measure sustainability and social impact of an investment ESG are the three central factors to take into consideration.


Airline initiative

Design an airline initiative that decreases net carbon footprint for the traveler and brings profit to the airline without reducing its customer service level.


Air journey personal carbon footprint tracker

Design a complete air journey personal carbon footprint tracker. Include a game-like reduction suggestion toolbox with quantitative benefits.”

Green electricity for housing

The electricity we consume everyday at home is produced from a variety of resources: renewable or green energy and all others, which include fossil energy sources, including nuclear power plants. Green energy sources (sun, wind, water) are a natural-friendly alternative, because they do not produce harmful emissions. At the moment the creation of new renewable power plants costs more expensive than conventional power plants, so green energy costs a little more expensive (at present, the cost of using green energy in housing is 1 euro per month, regardless of the amount of energy used). How to change people's thinking and habits by motivating the choice of green electricity for housing in order to support the production of environmentally friendly energy and reduce their ecological footprint?

Sustainable Business


Eliminating Food Waste

How can technologies help to waste less food? Accurate ordering, proper food quality checks, and a smart markdown system are potential solutions to explore.


Recycled plastic vs. virgin plastic

Recycled plastic is costly compared to virgin plastic (made from oil). This does not help industries make the switch and is why virgin plastic is still dominating all plastic industry. How to facilitate the switch?


Plastic material traceability

If we could source plastic material traceability, we could use it multiple times as recycled plastic in food packaging. How to ensure plastic material traceability?


Plastic sorting

Various types of plastics arrive at sorting factories; however, sorting machines cannot identify plastic types. The majority of the plastic in this mix is still going to landfill or incineration. The main challenge is - how to improve plastic sorting?


Additional value for this spent waiting while a car ir charging

From time to time you have to wait while your car is charging. Usually it takes from 15 minutes to even 1 hour of your time. There is a potential to create additional value for this time as a product or service for those who have to wait.




Substituting plastic in food product production

Plastic is also an issue in food product production, and a substitute is necessary. However, the challenging part is that this substitute must be easy to recycle, made from renewable sources, non-toxic to the environment, and the list goes on. Another option to consider - keep the packaging, but ensure people sort it correctly.


Liquid soap

To develop packaging, logistics and distribution model for liquid soap. The challenge is to have as little impact on environment as possible; to use as little packaging as possible; to have as effective logistics as possible, and ensure that the product is distributed and used effectively, with minimal waste after product usage.


Tools for environmentally friendly habits

Technological and social innovations to promote environmentally friendly habits for communities, households and individuals.